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FLP Planter Pockets provide a neat and practical solution to a number of garden and aquatic problems including root penetration prevention,restricting invasive plant growth and providing a micro environment for a particular soil type.                                             FLP Planter Pockets are made from a tough resilient rot proof fabric.Added strength with quality stitched handles and seams.The fabric is dark grey allowing the material to blend with the local landscape.The fabric is adaptable to make the shape you wish to acheive.No harmful additives added to the fabric - totally plant and fish friendly.

  • Fantastic alternative to rigid pond planters
  • Restricts invasive plants
  • Provides a micro environment of a specific soil type
  • Plant and lift specially for herbs or bulbs
  • Contain marginal plants i.e. Irises ,Plant lilies
 Incl. 20% VAT      
18cm x 18cm x 18cm         £1.00                  NEW WEBSITE
25cm x 25cm x 20cm£1.00NEW WEBSITE
30cm x 30cm x 25cm£1.00NEW WEBSITE
25cm x 20cm£1.00NEW WEBSITE
15cm x 15cm£1.00NEW WEBSITE
Mixed Selection  2 pairs    18cm x 18cm x 18cmOption 1
2 pairs    25cm x 25cm x 20cm
2 pairs    30cm x 30cm x 25cm
2 pairs    15cm x 15cm cylindricalNEW WEBSITE
Mixed Selection    4 pairs  18cm x 18cm x 18cmOption 2
4 pairs  25cm x 25cm x 20cm
4 pairs  30cm x 30cm x 25cm
4 pairs  15cm x 15cm cylindricalNEW WEBSITE


Prices refelected INCLUDE 20% VAT

Prices exclude delivery £9.00 England /Wales  &  £25.00 Scotland