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Flexible Lining Products Ltd are passionate about green living roofs, as they deliver so many aesthetic and environmental benefits . The addition of a green roof can aesthetically enhance a living space helping to protect the environment for everyone.

Our range of Greenseal Greenroof materials and accessories have been sucessfully installed in numerous applications throughout the UK in conjunction with our extensive expertise in both roofing and green roof development enables us to provide materials and advise for full roof construction.

Green Roof Elastoseal EPDM is the optimum membrane for green roofs. Thanks to its long service life, its resistance to root penetration and the fact that it is unaffected by permanently moist environments, Elastoseal offers many advantages to green roofs.
Elastoseal rubber membrane – a stretchable, elastic rubber membrane which absorbs all movement in the substrate and the building construction, regardless of age and temperature of the membrane. The membrane is chemically and thermally stable with exceptionally good weather resistance and a long lifetime. There is no change in its strength or elasticity in the temperature range -30ºC to +120ºC.

Elastoseal EPDM           Flat Sheet - any size                                                          NEW WEBSITE 
Thickness 1.0mmWeight 1.07kg sqm

Superseal FRT is a waterproofing membrane produced in two ply’s out of synthetic EPDM rubber. The membrane is reinforced with a fleece backing from polyester with the weight 160 g /sq. m. The range of use is exposed roof that either are mechanically attached or adhered to the substrate. Ballasted construction with ballast of gravel, roof garden, park decks or similar is also allowed.The systemis easy to use and installed on site using a heat splicing technique. Alternatively larger, made to measure can be prefabricated in our factory and laid directly onto the roof.

Superseal FRTRoll Size                 1.74m x 20.0m                                           Price Incl.VAT 
Thickness 2.10mm      Weight 1.8kg's sqmNEW WEBSITE sqm

FLP Greenroof EPDM sheet has for a long time been regarded as one of the superior roofing membranes available, due to its elasticity and extreme weather resistance. The expected life span of EPDM rubber roofing membrane is in excess of 40 years.

FLP Greenroof 0.75mm     Restricted applications Any size - weight 0.75kg's sqm     NEW WEBSITE    
FLP Greenroof 0.85mmRestricted applications   Any size - weight 0.92kg's sqmNEW WEBSITE