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FLP High Visibility Barrier

We have just expanded its range of specialist geotextiles to signify hazards below ground to subsequent site users.

This range of best-selling geotextiles can now be made to customer specification in different roll lengths and a selection of colours, offering more choice and flexibility for our distributors and end users.

FLP's orange geotextile products incorporate an orange top surface to warn of potentially hazardous material underneath, and so are well suited to areas such as landfill sites, or where there is contaminated ground below such as buried asbestos.  As a composite drainage material, FLP geotextiles retain their drainage abilities yet have a coloured top layer for high visibility and warning for when the site is subject to ground works in the years to come.  

With the constant development of brownfield sites, FLP’s geotextile range can help ensure that environmental and safety requirements are adhered to, and is one of the company’s best-selling lines.  Its orange geotextile has been specified for a variety of projects since its launch. 

FLP High Visability Barrier   4.50m x 100.0m 125gsm    Colour-Orange POA           NEW WEBSITE        

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