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Office / Trading Address:                                     

Flexible Lining Products Ltd                                E-mail:

Unit 37 Foxes Bridge Road                                  info@flexibleliningproducts.co.uk

Forest Vale Industrial Estate                             sales@flexibleliningproducts.co.uk


Glos   GL14 2PQ                                                    Office: 0845 226 2478   OR     01594 829 297

                                                                                Fax:     0845 226 9679

Nophadrain Green & Brown Roofing components for living roof applications including extensive and intensive.Greenseal Rubber pond liners is the registered trade mark of Flexible Lining Products Limited. FLP proudly sponsors of the WWT "Hide & Seek" campaign and "Be Your Favourite TV Presenter". FLP proud distributors of Terram and Polyfelt geotextile products