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Flexible Lining Products Limited are proud to have been appointed as UK online sales distributors by Terram / PGI / Boddingtons Ltd , product range outlined as follows

Terram Geotextiles

Terram Weedguard  - weed control fabric / weed suppression material

Terram Build A – ground stabilisation material / geotextile drainage filter fabric

Terram Mini Pak – ground stabilisation material / geotextile drainage filter fabric

Terram T1000 / T2000 - ground stabilisation material / geotextile drainage filter fabric

Terram Rootguard / Rootguard Plus – Root control barrier for vertical / horizontal applications

Terram Geocell – Erosion control geocell / erocell for grass or vegetated slopes


Boddingtons Ltd

TurfProtecta – Grass or ground reinforcement plastic mesh

GrassProtecta - Grass or ground reinforcement plastic mesh

Bodpave 40 – Plastic interlocking porous paving grid for gravel or grass retention and stabilisation

Bodpave 85 – Heavy duty  plastic interlocking porous paving grid for gravel or grass retention and stabilisation


All products are available online through our website www.flexiblelining.co.uk , ordered over the phone or collected from out unit (address below)

Flexible Lining Products Limited

Unit 37 Foxes Bridge Road

Forest Vale Industrial Estate


Glos  GL14 2PQ


Telephone:        01594 829297

Email:                   info@flexibleliningproducts.co.uk

Trelleborg Waterproofing was recently aquired from Trelleborg by Axcel.Trelleborg Waterproofing has therefore changed name to Nordic Waterproofing. SealEco was created through Axcel´s acquisition of Trelleborg Waterproofing, and is now a business unit within Nordic Waterproofing Group.Nordic Waterproofing is headquartered in Höganäs and has production facilities at three locations in Scandinavia. SealEco´s main office and production facility is located in Värnamo, Sweden.

Sealeco EPDM material known as Elastoseal has been sold by FLP since 2003 under the name Greenseal and now our registered trade mark "Greenseal Rubber".FLP will continue to grow the "Greenseal" name we introduced into the United Kingdom with our close trade partners and suppliers. 

FLP are proud to announce that we will shortly increase our current range of materials to include a selection of FLP coir geotextiles & coir logs for the UK market.Our Initial Range will include

700gsm Coir Geotextile available in 2.0m x 25.0m rolls

900gsm Coir Geotextile available in 1.0m x 25.0m & 2.0m x 25.0m rolls

                                      1200gsm Loop Pile available in 1.0m x 25.0m & 2.0m x 25.0m

                                      Coir Log with heavy duty netting available in 2.0m x 20cm dia & 1.0m x 10cm dia

                                      Coir Geo Shell 1200gsm available in 6.0 x 2.0m

                                                                                                                                                                                                FLP coir geo textiles are best for controlling soil erosion and conditioning soli. Made from coir fiber, they are naturally resistant to rot and moulds and is cheaper than synthetic geo-textiles. They hold soil in place and prevent erosion, dissipating the force of heavy rains and run of water. It provides good soil support for years, allowing natural vegetation to become established. Coir geo textiles promote the growth of new vegetation by absorbing water and preventing the topsoil from drying out. As it has strength and durability, it protects slopes and help natural vegetation to take root, coir geo textiles are available as woven, meshes and nets and non woven. They have varying densities depending on their application. Over a period of time the eco friendly and biodegradable coir disintegrates completely, leaving only humus. Visit our new website http://www.flexiblelining.co.uk


http://www.flexiblelining.co.uk    Please visit our new website for special offers 

The competition sponsored by Flexible Lining Products Limited at www.wwt.org.uk/hideandseekpresenter  is offering prizes including a pond for your garden or school, VIP visits to a WWT Wetland Centre of your choice, WWT family memberships, and the opportunity to see Sir David Attenborough at an exclusive event at WWT London Wetland Centre in May. Plus the overall winner’s YouTube video will be used to launch the Wildest Hide & Seek and the winner will be a guest news presenter on Green TV

To enter WWT’s Be your favourite wildlife presenter YouTube competition, aspiring Sir David Attenboroughs, Bill Oddies, Nick Bakers, David Bellamys or Mike Dilgers need to video themselves delivering our audition script in the voice or visual style of their favourite wildlife presenter. Make it as interesting, exciting and inspiring as you can, then upload the video to YouTube and send the link to prteam@wwt.org.uk.


Flexible Lining Products in association with DEFRA, Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust and the Pond Conservation Charity will enclose free literature with helpful hints and advice regarding pond design ,wildlife ponds, plant selection, invasive plant species,wetlands and wildlife at risk etc. These leaflets will be enclosed with every pond liner sold.

FLP Greenseal EPDM Greenroof material was approved and selected for the latest project for the Wildfowl & Wetland Trust Centre in Arundel. Our Greenseal Greenroof EPDM material further reinforces our long standing relationship and commitment to the WWT in conjunction with the numerous pond, lake and associated materials we have already supplied. This fantastic and worthwhile project is nearing completion and we will shortly be posting photographs including the official opening. 


In 2003 Flexible Lining Products Ltd created the brandname "Greenseal" and introduced into the UK. In 2009 amaziingly we were left no alternative but to trade mark our very own material "Greenseal",  by registering the trade mark "Greenseal Rubber" - to defend and protect our interest, investment and long-term commitment towards our brand. We remain fully commited and maintain our ethical trading standards, proudly representing our established Greenseal and now registered trademark - widely accepted as the number one choice throughout the UK.

Flexible Lining Products Ltd Greenseal Rubber EPDM range include:

  • Greenseal Pond Liners         0.75mm     0.85mm     1.00mm
  • Greenseal Lake Liners         0.75mm     0.85mm     1.00mm
  • Greenseal Tailored Liners     0.75mm     1.00mm  
  • Greenseal Green Roof Liners 0.75mm     0.85mm     1.00mm
  • Greenseal Roof Liners         1.00mm

Flexible Lining Products Ltd are proud to be one of the founding
members and supporter of The Big Pond Dip 2009run by
Pond Conservation the national charity dedicated to creating and
protecting ponds and the wildlife they support.

                                                                                                            Want to know if your garden or school pond is in good shape
                                                                                                            for wildlife? Do the Big Pond Dip to find out           

Flexible Lining Products Limited recognises a need to act in an environmentally conscious manner,and are committed to the personal and social benefits that plant,wildlife and aquatic habitats bring to both private and public spaces. In association with stategic partnerships, FLP's goal is to share our passion combined with long-term environmental development strategies, encouraging the development of these valuable assets, ensuring a better quality of life for everyone to be enjoyed and appreciated now, and for generations to come.


Flexible Lining Products Limited are proud to announce that we now are stockists and distributors of the world renowned Nophadrain Green Roof System range of materials. Nophadrain is one of the few companies that develops and manufactures systems for green roofs, podium decks and parking decks fully under its own control. So Nophadrain can meet the needs and requirements of clients with great flexibility.With its expertise, Nophadrain builds a bridge between all disciplines involved in an installation: architects, structural engineers, roofing contractors, gardeners... Nophadrain guarantees a healthy balance between the opportunities and requirements of stacked use of space. Benefits are exploited to the full and risks reduced to a minimum.

Nophadrain systems are delivered complete (from root-resistant membrane to vegetation) and are CE marked with a life span of at least 25 years (DIN EN 13252).

Nophadrain roof decks: efficient, environmentally friendly, sustainable and healthy!
Architects, construction experts, builders, but also governments, are becoming ever more convinced of the major benefits offered by the practical use of roof decks (or green roofs); naturally because of their optimum utilization of the limited urban space, but also because of the positive influence on the environment, health and quality of life.

Properties of roof decksThe vegetation on these roofs delays drainage of precipitation and reduces the total volume of water running off.Vegetation contributes to binding micro-dust and thus helps clean the air.The plants clean the water and make it suitable for household and industrial use.The lifetime of the waterproofing membrane is prolonged because the harmful effects of sunlight and rain are reduced significantly.Green roofs offer more living space and increase biodiversity.Green radiates calm and space. That contributes to a better quality of life