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FLEXIBLE LINING PRODUCTS Ltd UK DIRECT SUPPLIER of ClassicBond EPDM rubber roofing membrane ,Flexible Pond Liners and geosynthetic materials including Swedish Butyl,Sealeco EPDM Greenseal Pond LinersTailored or Box Welded liners,Firestone Pondgard EPDM.We stock Firestone RubberCover EPDM, Coir Rolls & Geotextiles, Nophadrain Green Roof Systems,Terram,Polyfelt Geotextiles,FLP Commercial Weed and Landscape materials. Our range also includes Bodpave 40 and Bodpave 85 plastic porous pavers for gravel and grass paver reinforcement applications. TrufProtecta and GrassProtecta plastic mesh grass reinforcement mesh from Boddingtons Ltd.

Targeting not only the home owner and professional contractor direct,but the aquatic retailer ,horticulture,landscaper and and industrial market sectors.

We have increased our range significantly over the past few years enabling us to offer an unrivalled selection of materials and engineered solutions for a variety of applications including Weed Control, Erosion Prevention, Ground Stabilisation,Slope Reinforcement, Root Protection Barriers, Pavement,Drainage,Landscaping and Pond Lining.  

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We are able to offer our customers a consistent and highly specialised service, credible knowledge base, expert technical support and design information to ensure an economical quality solution to any project or application.If required we can provide a project management, full or part installation service through one of our approved installers

Flexible Lining Products Limited recognises a need to act in an environmentally conscious manner,and are committed to the personal and social benefits that plant,wildlife and aquatic habitats bring to both private and public spaces. In association with stategic partnerships, FLP's goal is to share our passion combined with long-term environmental development strategies, encouraging the creation of these valuable assets, ensuring a better quality of life for everyone to be enjoyed and appreciated now, and for generations to come.      

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All liners purchased contain useful information, hints and tips kindly supplied by DEFRA, WWT & the Pond Conservation Charity for your perfect pond.
- Designing ponds for wildlife
- Be Plant Wise Campaign
- Choosing the right plants  
- Wetlands & wildlife at risk
- Lifetime Guarantee Card
         Firestone PondGard
Pondliner 1.02mm 

An exceptional high performance EPDM
rubber geomembrane engineered for
both domestic and heavy duty
commercial applications                        

0.75mm Sealeco EPDM Greenseal Rubber

0.85mm Sealeco EPDM Greenseal Rubber

1.00mm Sealeco EPDM Greenseal Rubber

0.5mm Heavy Duty PVC

Polyfelt TS60 Liner Protection



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      Greenseal Box Welded /Tailored Liners

Flexible Lining Products Limited are the UK’s leading specialist supplier and fabricators of Swedish Butyl & Greenseal EPDM Rubber
box-welded / tailored liners, manufactured by highly experienced craftsmen for easy installation on site whether for domestic or commercial applications.
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In February 2003 Flexible Lining Products Ltd created and introduced our brand name material Greenseal EPDM Pond Liners and Greenseal Lake Liners to the UK market. Our  Greenseal Rubber EPDM materials are now widely accepted as a preferred superior alternative to Butyl Rubber.FLP Greenseal Rubber EPDM has been installed sucessfully in thousands of applications throughout the UK and can be purchased direct from ourselves or through retailers.

Flexible Roofing Products are proud to sell the full range of Classic Bond EPDM single ply rubber roofing membranes with accessories for flat roofing installations. Applications include residential roofing i.e. garages, porches and patios, modular buildings and summer houses and commerical flat roofing. Please visit our new website for a full list of prices on the Classic Bond EPDM roofing rubber and roofing accessories 

Coir Rolls & Bio-log Products. Coir geo textiles are best for controlling soil erosion and conditioning soli. Made from coir fiber, they are naturally resistant to rot and moulds and is cheaper than synthetic geo-textiles. They hold soil in place and prevent erosion, dissipating the force of heavy rains and run of water. It provides good soil support for years, allowing natural vegetation to become established. Coir geo textiles promote the growth of new vegetation by absorbing water and preventing the topsoil from drying out. As it has strength and durability, it protects slopes and help natural vegetation to take root, coir geo textiles are available as woven, meshes and nets and non woven. Over a period of time the eco friendly and biodegradable coir disintegrates completely,                                            leaving only humus. Visit our new website for sizes  

Green Roof Systems for low-slope roofs applications protect the roof membrane, reduce stormwater flows, and help green the built environment through rooftop plantings. The main components of a green roof could include drainage, geotextile, soil, and vegetation layers. Products listed here can be used to create one or more of the elements of a green roof system. We are slso proud to announce that we now stockists of Nophadrain Green Roof Systems & components

Flexible Pond Liner,Tank & Tailored Liners  include Sealeco Swedish Butyl Rubber,Firestone PondGard Pond Liner,Aqualast,Greenseal Rubber Pond Liners and HD PVC applications include wildlife ponds,garden ponds,ornamental ponds,reservoir liners and bespoke tailored liners. Unbeatable offers on Polyfelt TS60.

Pond Liner Protective Underlay - we stock the Polyfelt TS60 thermobonded geotextile imported directly from Austria. These are premium grade industrial strength geotextiles not to be confused by the standard needle-punched materials widely offered.

Weed & Root Control Fabrics - Terram WeedGuard,RootGuardFLP Commercial Landscape Fabric are premium quality weed control materials to cover a variety of applications

Drainage & Filtration Geotextiles - Terram & FLP Drainage geotextiles for a variety of drainage applications including land drains,french drains,soakaways and paving and seperation drainage layer membranes.

TERRAM Driveway,Paving & Pathway Geotextiles - We stock a huge range of premium quality Terram, FLP Builder Pack & FLP Commercial Landscape geotextiles specifically designed for commercial,homeowner and professional landscaping applications.

Erosion Control,Ground & Slope Stabilisation - FLP Trinter Mat, FLP Erocell for erosion control & embankment stabilisation.Applications include reservoir,waterway and pond edging,golf courses etc

FLP Fixing Staples & Pegs - we offer an extensive range of fixing staples and pegs for commercial,home-owner and professional landscaping applications.

FLP Aquatic & Garden Planter Pockets - Provides a neat and practical solution to a number of garden and aquatic problems including root penetration prevention,restricting invasive plant growth and providing a mico enviroment for a particular soil type.

FLP Roofing Materials - We carry a selection of rubber roofing membranes,materials and accessories for specialist and standard applications including Green Roofs, Shed Roofs, Mobile Homes and Portacabins. We are also able to offer fabrication on specific tailored liner requirements for roof applications.

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Flexible Lining Products Ltd
Unit 37 Foxes Bridge Road
Forest Vale Industrial Estate
GL14 2PQ

Tel:          0845 226 2478   
Fax:         0845 226 9679    
e-mail:     info@flexibleliningproducts.co.uk 

Flexible Lining Products Ltd are proud to be one of the founding
members and supporter of The Big Pond Dip 2012 run by
Pond Conservation the national charity dedicated to creating and
protecting ponds and the wildlife they support.

Want to know if your garden or school pond is in good shape
for wildlife? Do the Big Pond Dip to find out           

Firestone PondGard Rubber Pond Liner
Firestone PondGard Pond Liner is an 1.02mm EPDM rubber geomembrane engineered for both domestic and heavy duty commercial applications.

Sealeco 0.75mm Butyl Rubber Liner
0.75mm Butyl Rubber manufactured in Sweden by Sealeco it offers excellent elongation properties, non toxic to wildlife and plant life, lifetime guarantee for sizes up to 100sqm.

Sealeco EPDM Greenseal EPDM Pond Liners 0.85mm (black)
Manufactured in Sweden by Sealeco as Elastoseal" and sold under our registered trade mark Greenseal Rubber 0.85mm material is a premium quality heavy duty EPDM rubber liner suitable for a wide variety of applications including commercial, domestic and recreational market sectors.

Sealeco EPDM Greenseal Pond Liners 0.75mm (black)
Manufactured in Sweden by Sealeco as "Elastoseal" and sold under our registered trade mark Greenseal Rubber 0.75mm is truly an exceptional product as it not only displays superior properties to Butyl but is cheaper, carries the same guarantee and looks and feels like Butyl Rubber.

Flexible Pond Liners 0.5mm HD PVC
Flexible Pond Liner 0.5mm Heavy Duty PVC offers high flexibility, durability and an economical solution to garden, swimming and ornamental ponds including streams, irrigation systems, fish farming applications etc when used in conjunction with the correct geotextile protective overlay (for wildlife ponds) or underlay.

Polyfelt TS60 260gsm Pond Liner Protective Underlay
Geotextile protective overlay and underlays form an integral part in pond, lake, reservoir, tank, canal and other types of construction where a protective layer is required. Although carpets are wide used this material breaks down leaving the liner exposed to sharp stones, etc hence could make your project a needlessly costly exercise.

Weed Control Landscape Material
A selection of some of the toughest and most durable weed control and landscape fabrics currently on the market used in a variety of applications including under paths, drives, patio, pot liners, roof gardens and weed control.

Paving & Drainage Geotextiles
Perfect material solutions used in a wide variety of applications specifically designed for the homebuilder and landscape gardener markets. Applications include paving, drainage, stabilisation, shed bases, weed suppression, under decking, driveways and access roads.

Soil Retention/Stabilisation Materials
Terram Trinter Mat is an exceptional product for steep slopes, river banks, ditches, spillways and other exposed areas that are often prone to damage caused by erosion of soil by wind or water.

Root Protection Products
Root Protection and Tree Root Control Barrier Materials - Protect pavements, underground services, walls and foundations from the damage that is caused by tree roots.

Aquatic / Garden Planters
FLP Planter Pockets provide a neat and practical solution to a number of garden and aquatic problems including root penetration prevention, restricting invasive plant growth and providing a micro environment of a particular soil type.


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