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Pond Geotextile UnderlayFLP Polyfelt TS60 260gsm Premium Quality Protective Geotextile. A mechanically bonded non-woven (premium geotextile) made of UV stabilised polypropylene filament.Polyfelt geotextiles are an exceptional high performance and flexible protective barrier applied in all types of commercial and domestic pond liner applications including as separating and filter layer for construction site soil stabilisation and drainage.Technical Data - click here 

Ensure your material has been clearly marked by the manufacturer Tencate Polyfelt TS60. We DO NOT recommend any less than the TS50 200gsm material for pond liner applications.   

Prices reflected INCLUDE 20% VAT          Please visit our NEW WEBSITE for all sizes       

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inclusive of 20% VAT
Polyfelt TS60
2.2mm Thickness
Colour - Grey
Geomembrane Protection
Pond Liner Protection
Hydraulic Construction
Subgrade Stabilisation
Tank Lining
2.0m x 135.0m Rolls


·Technical Information Guideline
2.0m x 10.0m NEW SITE
2.0m x 15.0m NEW SITE
2.0m x 20.0m NEW SITE
2.0m x 25.0m NEW SITE
2.0m x 30.0m NEW SITE
2.0m x 40.0m NEW SITE
2.0m x 50.0m NEW SITE
2.0m x 60.0m NEW SITE

FLP Coir rolls, bio-logs & geo-cells for aquatic habitat creation, pond edging, pond & lake liner protection,erosion control. Ideal for a multitude of applications including duck pond,golf courses,fishing lakes,school pond dipping etc, etc - anywhere a stable environment needs to be created and the liner protected or to ehance/ promote vegetation growth


At these prices the cost of using a protective geotextile underlay as a barrier against stones,roots,shale,wildlife, etc is incredibly cheap compared to the cost,time and effort of having to drain,uplift paving or liner in order to carry out repairs to a hole in a liner where an alternative material has failed.

Remember, every few years you may have to enter the pond to  carry out maintenance  i.e clean debri or clear overgrown plants - a long lasting protective barrier is therefore essential as it helps "cushion" ones body weight against the possibility of a stone to be pushed through the liner, from beneath.

All our pond liners carry the appropriate guarantee against any latent manufacturing defects, IRRESPECTIVE of what protective underlay you decide to use i.e underlay,geotextile or carpet etc.

Carpet or carpet underlay is widely used as a cheap or free alternative to underlay,whilst these materials offer good protection, it is sometimes is only be short term solution as ground-damp could rot most carpets leaving the liner exposed to sharp stones and other abrasive materials.Additionally they are not designed to curb root damage etc.

Sand is also widely used as a protective barrier,although do not offer any protection against root damage.Kindly ensure that the layer of sand is fairly thick, as the ground will "absorb" some sand over time - also we would recommend an alternative protective material be applied on banks as sand tends to dry out and gather at the bottom of the pond leaving the liner exposed. 

Note:   Carriage surcharge on all full rolls

Note:   FLP Polyfelt TS60 are cut off the roll in 10.0m, 15.0m, 20.0m or 30.0m increments lengths

Should you require any further details please contact us