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Greenseal Pond LinersAll liners purchased contain helpful hints     and tips kindly supplied by DEFRA,WWT & the Pond Conservation Charity.
- Designing garden ponds for wildlife
- DEFRA 's - Be Plant Wise Campaign
- Choosing the right plants  
- Wetlands & wildlife at risk
- Lifetime Guarantee Card 

registered trade mark brand Greenseal Rubber Pond Liners are an exceptional top quality material from the manufacturers of Butyl Rubber - Sealeco,Sweden offering a full  Lifetime Guarantee against any latent manufacturing defects. Greenseal EPDM is superior to Butyl Rubber and cheaper - as you do not pay for the 28% natural rubber content found in Butyl

In February 2003 Flexible Lining Products Limited introduced ur own brand name and now widely available material Greenseal Rubber for Pond Liner and Lake Liner applications into the UK market which is now accepted as the preferred superior alternative to Butyl Rubber.FLP Greenseal Rubber EPDM has been installed sucessfully in thousands of applications throughout the UK and can be purchased direct from ourselves or through retailers. Do not be misled by companies selling a product called "Butyl Greenseal" - there is no such material - you either have have our Greenseal EPDM or Butyl Rubber, it is not possible to get both of these as one material. No Greenseal EPDM material is manufactured anywhere in the UK (but Sweden) as some companies are trying to suggest - the material only "fabricated to size"  which is a bonding technique.    

0.75mm Sealeco Greenseal Rubber

0.85mm Sealeco Greenseal Rubber

1.00mm Sealeco Greenseal Rubber                                 

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Applications include

There are some companies trying to sell or material as "Butyl Greenseal" - there is NO SUCH MATERIAL - you either have Greenseal or Butyl Rubber. These companies are using the name Butyl purely as a marketing ploy to gain sales.


  • Ornamental ponds, lakes, reservoirs, swimming ponds
  • Effluent Lagoons, reed bed systems
  • Agricultural applications, irrigation
  • Canal refurbishment lining
  • Tank lining, potable water storage
  • Fish farming
  • Fire-fighting reservoirs

Features & Benefits
Not affected by UV light, temperature or age Colour of material - Black Available material thickness - 0.75mm ; 0.85mm ; 1.0mm Resists compressive loads and ground movement Unique ability to adapt itself to the substrate Reverts back to original form Does not contain any plasticisers or additives - no leaching Does not shrink, lose weigth or become brittle Animal and plant friendly ( 100% non toxic to all aquatic and plant life) Tear strength and tensile strength greater than Butyl Exceeds Butyl Rubber in over 60% of physical properties tested Looks and feels the same as Butyl Rubber Can be vulcanised in the same process as Butyl Lifetime guarantee (Equivalent to 25 years under UK Commercial Law)  Cheaper and a superior quality material to Butyl Rubber

CONFUSED about what thickness of material to choose? 
This was a FLP installation using 0.75mm Varnamo Greenseal 44.0m x 42.0m (1848sqm) and Polyfelt TS60. Project was at Volvo Construction Head Office,Duxford. Note,in most cases it is not the thickness of the pond liner that is important,rather the quality of the geotextile to protect the liner - in this case Polyfelt TS60 260gsm. Polyfelt is a premium quality incredibly tough thermobonded geotextile that is also very successful in prohibiting root penetration. Polyfelt TS60 is far superior to needle-punched materials currently sold by some retailers as they mostly derive from waste "blend" of materials     (grey and speckled in appearance)                           Everything About Greenseal Pond Liners & Greenseal Lake Liners.     Greenseal Rubber is the brandname and now trademark of Flexible Lining Products Ltd, created in early 2003 our Greenseal EPDM material is now widely accepted as both a superior and cheaper alternative to Trelleborg’s Swedish Butyl Rubber. Among the most sought after products we find Greenseal rubber liners, as they provide better results at significantly lower costs than other similar products which use Butyl, a material which incorporates natural rubber in its composition thus increasing the cost. The process of installing Greenseal pond liners and Greenseal Lake Liners are pretty simple and does not require any type of training. The first step is to create a hole in conformity to the owner’s preferences and specifications. Measuring is best done by using a flexible tape measure and follow the contours of the pond through the center – ensure you measure the longest length and widest width plus an overlap allowance around the edges for the Greenseal liners.


Anyone interested in building a nice and durable pond by using Greenseal pond liners should know that Greenseal rubber products can be purchased either pre cut to the client’s  specifications or as entire rolls, which are perfect for people that not yet sure as to the dimensions of their future ponds. As Greenseal pond liners are manufactured by using the highest quality Greenseal EPDM and does not contain any type of harmful substances or chemicals, hence owners won’t have to worry about the harmful effects that installing our Greenseal pond liners and lake liners. Because Greenseal pond liners are 100% synthetic or EPDM rubber, the costs are considerably less to other materials as customers no longer have to pay unnecessary premium for small amounts of natural rubber that is found in the composition of these other products. Approximately 28% in the case of Butyl Rubber.


There have also been some cases when certain retailers have been caught selling our Greenseal rubber products as being the much more expensive Butyl rubber products or calling the material Greenseal Butyl. This is only possible because these products have pretty much the same characteristics, and more importantly they are almost identical, when considering the look and feel of both products. As opposed to the old alternative for people wanting to build their own ponds, which involved concrete for the lining of a pond, our Greenseal pond liners are immensely superior from all points of view. First of all, there is durability. All our Greenseal Rubber pond liners and lake liners carry our standard Lifetime Guarantee.

 Repairs are significantly easier to carry out by anyone, and do not require any level of previous experience. As our Greenseal pond liners are made out of high quality EPDM rubber by Sealeco, Sweden the repairing procedures are pretty much similar to those of cold repairs for inner tubes. Basically, all you need to do is identify the small tear and thoroughly clean the area around it by using a small quantity of solvent with an abrasive pad. After the area has dried it’s time to apply the FLP Repair Patch especially created for repair purposes. Make sure that the patch has fully adhered perfectly to the surface of the Greenseal Rubber product, you can even use a roller or anything else suitable. The pond or lake liner is ready to fill within 30 minutes of carrying out the repair

Flexible Lining Products Greenseal Rubber  vs Varnamo Butyl Rubber 

Sealeco Greenseal EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) is a synthetic rubber similar to butyl and manufactured in Sweden by Sealeco - who also manufacture butyl rubber. As a material, Greenseal Rubber has superior properties to Butyl and cheaper, making it both an attractive and economical solution for any project.

Sealeco Sweden manufacturers of both Butyl Rubber Pond Liners and our own brand and trade mark Greenseal Rubber (colour of material is black) offering a full Lifetime Guarantee against any latent manufacturing defects. (scroll down for further information on these products

NOTE: Both Varnamo Swedish Butyl Rubber and Varnamo Swedish Greenseal EPDM have a slightly "embossed" or "textured" surface appearance - don't be misguided by some companies misrepresenting genuine Swedish Butyl Rubber with alternative materials  i.e AQUALAST BUTYL RUBBER - there is no such material - this is NOT A BUTYL RUBBER it is an EPDM material - smooth material surface in appearance


Benefits compared to butyl of equivalent thickness

-        Lower cost both initially and long-term

-        Higher UV stability

-        Greater tolerance to weather extremes

-        Superior Strength

-        Lower environmental impact


The following table lists some physical comparisons between the two 0.75mm materials;


Properties                              Greenseal                               Butyl

Tensile strength                  9.0Mpa                              7.5Mpa

Tear strength                     30KN/m                              20KN/m

Elongation at break              300%                                300%

Brittle point                        -40°C                                -30°C


Properties after ageing 168h/121°C

Tensile Strength                   7.5Mpa                               6.0Mpa

Elongation at break                300%                                 200%


Available in

0.75mm thickness

0.85mm thickness

1.0mm thickness



Material colour: Black

Material appearance: Slightly “embossed or textured “ surface

State: Cured

Solids: 100%

Product Size Availability

Greenseal Rubber Repair Patch / Strip

Flexible Lining Products Ltd now offer a self-adhesive Greenseal Rubber repair patch / strip that can be used on both EPDM and butyl rubber liners. Our Greenseal Rubber patches / strips should only be used on flat supported areas where tensile stresses too the supporting membrane are minimal. The repair patch or strip should not be used on any membrane area that is folded or creased.

Our self-adhesive Greenseal Rubber repair patch / strip consists of 1.0mm EPDM rubber layer incorporating a polyester textile scrim and a 0.6mm sticky Butyl based adhesive backing.

Applications include
- repairs to holes in liner caused by animal damage
- repairs to holes in liner by mechanical damage or root penetration
- pipe protrusion covering / wrapping

Sealeco Manufacturers website

For samples or further details please contact us